Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Mail & Roben-Marie Smith

There is nothing more fun than getting gorgeous mail! In the our techie world of texting, face book and emails, we seem to get less and less interesting tactile mail. So when a note from Roben-Marie Smith arrive, I couldn't wait to open it. Not only was it gorgeous on the outside but such wonderful color on the inside.
I love that she stitched together paper and fabric for her note card. (upper left)Here's a sample of a couple of the postcards she sent. You can get a series of four of her post cards for under $4.00! Roben-Marie is the proprietor of Paperbag Studios where she blogs, teaches on-line classes and has nice video section on how to make several projects.
Roben-Marie is also doing a year-long collaboration call "Points of Two". The project explores two points of view in creating art. Nice!