Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Arts Exhibition - Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

The ASU group known as A-Buncha-Book-Artists is comprised of undergraduate, graduate, faculty, alumni and guest artists. Their work is on exhibition at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Terminal 3 Level 2 cases. I almost fainted when I saw my book Metamorphose, on the postcard! Actually, I was really confused since I thought I was opening the water bill. The airport and the water department have the same city emblem on the envelope. Nice surprise--way better than the water bill!
I highly recommend you go and see the exhibition. We know a lot of the artists in the show and their work is amazing! This is exhibition especially near and dear to my heart because it was maybe 13-14 years ago I had just finished my first bookbinding class when I was flying out of Sky Harbor Airport and saw an ASU bookarts exhibition while I was waiting for my plane. I was totally fascinated with the work. I called ASU when I got back because I knew after seeing the work that I wanted to make artist books. Gary Martelli, the museum person who curated the show just sent over photos of the installation. Now I've gotta get over there to see the show!