Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cobbler's New Shoes

You know the story about the Cobbler's kids never having new shoes....well that is kinda like us. When we had the shop open to the public, we went through business cards by the bazillions. Seriously, we would order them 1000's at time--people constantly picked them up even though we are not sure what they did with them. Anyhoo, this weekend when Gary and I were in the midst of transferring 48 cases of type from a double wide cabinet to two single cabinets (talk about a marital bonding experience--ha, ha! I'll do a separate post about that and how much work it was!) we agreed that we should finally letterpress cards for us.

So when Mike popped in today, he asked how he could help us prepare for the printer's fair. I told him I needed to get some business cards done--all I had decided so far was that I wanted to use handmade paper, Packard type and we needed a background. Mike suggested this lovely old ATF ornament and I started mixing ink like a crazy gal.
My scan of the card is not doing it justice. It is printed on a lovely pale blue handmade paper with the ornament in a summer green ink and the lettering in deep blue ink. While we love photo polymer plates, we've been trying to use stuff we have in the studio. Kinda like cooking with stuff in your cupboard! Gary was surprised when he saw the cards tonight and really liked the way the they turned out unlike the last time I surprised him by painting the outside door lime green. (sometimes you have to get those crazy ideas out before you can get a better color--the door is now a lovely grey-green)