Monday, September 06, 2010

Andrew Borloz Books!

Our friend Andrew Borloz sent us a couple of great photos of his books. The books on the left are are stencil books he made at Penland. How cool! One day I will get to Penland!

The  books on the right are a photo of the 20 books he made in one week!! Andrew's work is filled with dazzling color, shape and texture. He lives in northern NJ and is a self-employed as a designer, artist, educator, printer and craftsman. His work is so neat and precise--wonder if his degrees--a  BS in industrial design and MA in computer science have anything to do with that that?  Andrew learned these structures from Pam Sussman during her Book Arts Coterie last July.

Pam Sussman is a book arts instructor and the author of Fabric Art Journals, published by Rockport/Quarry books in 2005. This is a terrific book on fabric journals - one of my favorites! She teaches book arts across the country. Check out her blog and her book!