Monday, March 28, 2011

Spinning Paper!

My pal Lisa is so creative! She's be itching to try her hand at spinning paper into yarn.
 She got some of our lokta wax batik paper and gave it a whirl! She first cut the paper into strips and said it spun pretty easily. Look how wonderful it turned out!

She says it remained pliable and flexible when it dried. So now she can knit a paper garment or hat! Lisa is a fabulous artist and fiber spinner. You can see more at her site:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Letterpress Printed Typographical Notebooks

We have gone bananas letterpress printing these mini-notebooks! I always have several notebooks going at one time--I am a furious idea jotter--I have to write my ideas down or I'll forget them. I found it much easier to keep notebooks organized when there is a design on them so we figured we'd rummage through our old printing plates and Voila!
We are just getting them loaded on to the The Paper Studio's website. We'll have styles and colors listed individually and we are doing FREE SHIPPING! The above set compilation set is one of each of  five different styles printed on Kraft chipboard.

The next set is images of the old printing letters that were used for quick signs. I think all the old department stores had a set of these letters!

We thought we'd do a set with some bright colors--raspberry and kiwi! This series includes an italic typeface on the cover.
This set is from an antique plate dated 1928! It shows how you can add type to the stick and print the dates on your invoices. The hand illustrations are great!

This last set has nice examples of Uppercase, lowercase and small caps! The last notebook is a steel gray--a nice tone-on-tone notebook.

New Italian Collage Papers - Gorgeous!

I love to make my own collages but I also enjoy papers that are already collaged! These new papers from Italy are just fabulous. The first one is musical and this paper just sings!
I love how they combine vintage images and calligraphy. Think of the delightful recital invites this paper would make!

Of course we are nuts about letters, lettering and anything with typography! How cool would a handmade journal look with this paper? Awesome!

I love fashion and the use of gold on this paper is really super. Where is Project Runway?? Think of the fun cards this paper would make.
This travel paper is exotic and dreamy! Great paper for wrapping travel gifts! Our next trip is to....Idaho...not exactly exotic but a gal can dream!

Friday, March 04, 2011

New Letterpress Goods online

We just added some new letterpress items to our online store and we've included free shipping for our greeting cards to make it easier and more cost effective for folks to purchase paper goods.
 Everyone should have a "suck it up" card in your stash--you know that you totally know who to send it to! This 2- color card is 4bar size and comes with a shimmery pink envelope. 3 5/8" x 5 1/8".

All the creative people we know are list makers, brainstormers, idea generators and note takers. We decided to work on a series of portable pocket-size notebooks based on typography. Similar in function to the moleskine but way more interesting looking!
Here is the first test prints in the series. The three journals are letterpress printed with an old copper plate (mounted on  really wonky wood). We are selling limited sets of 3 for an amazing price of $10.95 and free shipping!! Wow wee!

We figured that everyone could use some happiness! Post this on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror or work cubicle to remind yourself and everyone else that happiness is available.
This was printed with some banged up gothic wood type and the fabulously groovy & rare "smoke" typeface in celery green and orange. The print is 5.5 x 7.75 and letterpress printed on lovely cream BFK Rives.

Perpetually Yours - Fabric Art!

I love to blog about paper, printing and pets--my kitties as well as the critters I encounter--like the snake in the fireplace. (not a pet!)  But here are some animals of the home decor type that I couldn't wait to profile. These are really fabulous CUSTOM made pieces from Rachael's etsy site Perpetually Yours.
You know how people love their pets, so now you can send Rachael one of your favorite photos of your pet for a completely custom pillow! How cool is that?
Rachael is  a 20-something illustrator/graphic designer/fashionista/punk rock chick, who loves to sew and just happens to have a soft spot for furry friends of all kinds--just look at the adorable pillow below! You can tell that she asks questions that get to the heart of your furry friends!
I just love the artistic, retro and whimsical style of her work. Wouldn't this be the best gift for your favorite pet aficionado? I can't think of anything better!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

The A's Have It!

Lots of A's lately! We popped into a.ware  for the first time--well actually, we went two weeks in a row because the shop is wonderful! It is a really cute shop featuring handcrafted goods in Phoenix and is located at 4700 N. Central Ave which is just south of Camelback Road.
 The shop is the brain child of the very talented artist and writer, Julie Hampton.
The shop features artwork, gorgeous handcrafted purses & scarves, handmade cards and hand-spun yarn and roving. They even teach classes.

 My pal Lisa has these yarn cups and knitting needles or sale. They are the coolest thing ever!

More A's back at our shop! Mike is working on a letterpress piece.
The silver ink prints deliciously on black paper!

It was our lovely Anne's  birthday so Gary and I did a special card for her featuring wood type, Japanese paper and a cat that looks like her kitty - Kiera.