Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Letterpress Printed Typographical Notebooks

We have gone bananas letterpress printing these mini-notebooks! I always have several notebooks going at one time--I am a furious idea jotter--I have to write my ideas down or I'll forget them. I found it much easier to keep notebooks organized when there is a design on them so we figured we'd rummage through our old printing plates and Voila!
We are just getting them loaded on to the The Paper Studio's website. We'll have styles and colors listed individually and we are doing FREE SHIPPING! The above set compilation set is one of each of  five different styles printed on Kraft chipboard.

The next set is images of the old printing letters that were used for quick signs. I think all the old department stores had a set of these letters!

We thought we'd do a set with some bright colors--raspberry and kiwi! This series includes an italic typeface on the cover.
This set is from an antique plate dated 1928! It shows how you can add type to the stick and print the dates on your invoices. The hand illustrations are great!

This last set has nice examples of Uppercase, lowercase and small caps! The last notebook is a steel gray--a nice tone-on-tone notebook.