Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just in time for the holiday - Gluttony Pants!

The 7 deadly sins are always fodder for artists' prints, books, performance and even puppetry work. Now the subject has expanded to clothing! Just what we need for the holidays - Gluttony Pants by the San Francisco company Betabrand. The inner lining on the waist and pockets looks like antique letterpress cuts!
These crazy albeit nice-looking pants are the first in limited series themed around the seven deadly sins (those would be: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony). The waistband is adjustable so you don't have to wear elastic banded pants!
At least they didn't make a meat pant ala Lady Gaga's meat dress.
Then after the holidays, you can work off the gluttony and wear Bike-to-Work Pants which are khaki pants with reflective back pocket bags and cuffs.
This practical and smart looking pant is from Betabrand as well. Can't wait to see what they dream up next!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Parking Lot Sale at The Paper Studio - Think Garage Sale!

Think Garage Sale!

We are clearing out stuff and are having a parking lot sale because we don't have a garage!

We'll be selling some duplicate letterpress items such as composing sticks, type drawers, metal and wood type as well as a bunch of paper goods from our online store.

Some folks have been calling asking if we were having an open house--nope--just a fall-cleaning-out-our stuff-sale! Cash and Carry!

Yay Mike on the poster! We used all handset wood and metal type (10" wood type for the sale!).

Charlie B and Green Valley

On our way home from the SW Fiber Fest, we stopped in Green Valley AZ. A whole weekend of places I've never been! We popped in to meet Charlie. He is 80 years old and was in the printing industry for over 50 years.
He still prints regularly on his 8x12 c&p but just for pleasure not for work! He is a testament to the longevity of LP printers! We make it our goal to get out there and meet other printers--such great folks and a wealth of knowledge!

Fiber Fest part 2: The Cow Palace and Tubac

You know that you spend too much time in letterpress when you decide where to eat based on the typeface on the sign! We were trying to figure out where to grab a bite to eat and I was thumbing through various brochures when I spied a menu for this crazy place--The Cow Palace.
This restaurant has been around for 80 years and has seen the like of John Wayne and other actors. It's also been a number of films.
Inside, they were totally decked out for Halloween. 
Here's the Longhorn Grill across the street.
I love this doorway in Tubac. Is that the Pope?

Some lovely fall colors. 
Tubac was found in the 1700's--way before AZ was even a consideration!

Fiber Fest and the Walking Fiber

We took a break and went to the SW Fiber Festival in Amado AZ. We'd never been there before--it's about 45 minutes south of Tucson. I love fibers and there is such a nice overlap with paper arts. This is Nancy doing a demo--she raises and spins alpaca fiber.
So based on the rest of the photos, you would think I went to a petting zoo! I was so fascinated with the alpaca. I'd never seen them in person before. They are a bit shy and make a buzzing sound like your phone on vibrate.
These two sweeties were less than a year old and very, very shy.

 I loved the spotted Lamas. Lamas are definitely larger than the alpaca.
Angora goats---I think....
 Angora bunnies---cute factor is out of this world. There was also a gorgeous sable color bunny too.

My favorite alpaca--two year old guy named Trubador. They spun the softest yarn from him.
 Mom sheep and her 3-week old babies.
Sweet lamb who make really loud noises!!