Friday, November 05, 2010

Fiber Fest and the Walking Fiber

We took a break and went to the SW Fiber Festival in Amado AZ. We'd never been there before--it's about 45 minutes south of Tucson. I love fibers and there is such a nice overlap with paper arts. This is Nancy doing a demo--she raises and spins alpaca fiber.
So based on the rest of the photos, you would think I went to a petting zoo! I was so fascinated with the alpaca. I'd never seen them in person before. They are a bit shy and make a buzzing sound like your phone on vibrate.
These two sweeties were less than a year old and very, very shy.

 I loved the spotted Lamas. Lamas are definitely larger than the alpaca.
Angora goats---I think....
 Angora bunnies---cute factor is out of this world. There was also a gorgeous sable color bunny too.

My favorite alpaca--two year old guy named Trubador. They spun the softest yarn from him.
 Mom sheep and her 3-week old babies.
Sweet lamb who make really loud noises!!