Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fa la, la, la and snowmen

I love holiday music and always have to get new music to listen at the studio. This year, my favorite holiday albums are the Indigo Girls, Holly Happy Days and Annie Lennox, A Christmas Cornucopia.  If you like a Capella, the group Straight No Chasers has a nice album titled Holiday Spirits.

Every December we get so busy that we forget to take photos of projects we are working on and we never seem to have time to update the blog  in a timely manner. Bummer we didn't take photos of the holiday cookie baking extravaganza! Too busy baking and tasting cookies! But here some quick holiday-ish pics that we did remember to snap.
 We love Snowmen! Here are some of our cuts and tags we printed with handset type on handmade snow paper! The paper has mica in it so it looks like glinting snow.

We used the Vintage Snowmen Wrapping paper to decorate gable boxes and the vintage look is also great for cards!

Holiday Cards!
More cards!

Who says Red and Green are the winter holiday colors? How about Orange?
 After Cool Fitness colors are orange & blue. Guess what color their Christmas tree light were? Yes. Orange and Blue! Their orange, blue and silver invites were cool!

Next year we need to take the advice on this card--Simplify the Holidays!

Tis' the Season!

December has gone by in a flurry! Although not the snowy type of flurries here; it was 80 degrees last week! Because the weather was so nice, I made paper outside for a couple days.
Right under our orange tree. That led to another project.

Picking the oranges. They are totally juicy and yummy!
 Oh, yes, the cotton and recycled box handmade papers came out yummy as well!