Thursday, August 27, 2009

Print on this box!

Oh the joy of handmade box paper! We've been into making recycled paper from cardboard boxes during the past year. Donna just made this lovely stack of box paper that we are taking to the printer's fair.
Jessica from Springtide Press just sent us this gorgeous print that is on our box paper. Oh so yummy! We plan to have our box papers available for sale online in the near future.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cobbler's New Shoes

You know the story about the Cobbler's kids never having new shoes....well that is kinda like us. When we had the shop open to the public, we went through business cards by the bazillions. Seriously, we would order them 1000's at time--people constantly picked them up even though we are not sure what they did with them. Anyhoo, this weekend when Gary and I were in the midst of transferring 48 cases of type from a double wide cabinet to two single cabinets (talk about a marital bonding experience--ha, ha! I'll do a separate post about that and how much work it was!) we agreed that we should finally letterpress cards for us.

So when Mike popped in today, he asked how he could help us prepare for the printer's fair. I told him I needed to get some business cards done--all I had decided so far was that I wanted to use handmade paper, Packard type and we needed a background. Mike suggested this lovely old ATF ornament and I started mixing ink like a crazy gal.
My scan of the card is not doing it justice. It is printed on a lovely pale blue handmade paper with the ornament in a summer green ink and the lettering in deep blue ink. While we love photo polymer plates, we've been trying to use stuff we have in the studio. Kinda like cooking with stuff in your cupboard! Gary was surprised when he saw the cards tonight and really liked the way the they turned out unlike the last time I surprised him by painting the outside door lime green. (sometimes you have to get those crazy ideas out before you can get a better color--the door is now a lovely grey-green)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kathryn Hunter of Blackbird Letterpress organized an Old Maid letterpress card exchange. The deck has a new twist on the Old Maid concept since we all know that there is no such thing as an old maid.

For the exchange, each participant created a pair of cards of one character. The pair of cards vary slightly--opposites or compliments to each other. The work is great and the Biker Babs card by Skybound Press rocks!

Kathryn plans to show the deck in it's entirety online and it may also be coming to an exhibition space near you! There are some really fun cards so keep checking her site as she is posting new cards daily.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Feminist Broadsides

Jessica Spring and Chandler O'Leary are at it again! These talented folks have done an amazing broadside series over the past several months. Now you can get the first set of four as postcards! This is great since the first three prints are totally sold out!

Check out Jessica's etsy site for this set and other wonderful items. Be sure to check out her amazing, amazing Springtide Press site as well!
Now you can get the 5th broadside in their series which features Harriet Tubman. Get it quick, because their series sell out so fast! The prints are wonderful hand-drawn illustrations that are letterpress printed on handmade paper. It just doesn't get better than this! I just ordered mine. Check out Chandler's etsy site for the new print. Also, take a peek at Chandler's website and blog--Anagram Press. Delightful!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Arts Exhibition - Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

The ASU group known as A-Buncha-Book-Artists is comprised of undergraduate, graduate, faculty, alumni and guest artists. Their work is on exhibition at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Terminal 3 Level 2 cases. I almost fainted when I saw my book Metamorphose, on the postcard! Actually, I was really confused since I thought I was opening the water bill. The airport and the water department have the same city emblem on the envelope. Nice surprise--way better than the water bill!
I highly recommend you go and see the exhibition. We know a lot of the artists in the show and their work is amazing! This is exhibition especially near and dear to my heart because it was maybe 13-14 years ago I had just finished my first bookbinding class when I was flying out of Sky Harbor Airport and saw an ASU bookarts exhibition while I was waiting for my plane. I was totally fascinated with the work. I called ASU when I got back because I knew after seeing the work that I wanted to make artist books. Gary Martelli, the museum person who curated the show just sent over photos of the installation. Now I've gotta get over there to see the show!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rennovation photos

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have been renovating since May. We turned our former retail space into a gigantic classroom which we love! No worries, we still have our fabulous papers available for sale online. We moved a lot of product off site and boxed and organized everything else by number. It's not as visually interesting as when we had the paper racks but makes our lives 1000 times easier for pulling orders. We'll include more renovation shots in the next few posts.
We can easily seat 30-36 people for classes in our main classroom.
Note on the tables and chairs. Loading this amount of very heavy tables and 40 chairs during July and 110 degree weather was no picnic. I was absolutely drenched on both ends the loading at the pick up and unloading at the studio. I had to rent a humongous truck from Home Depot just to haul everything. One thing about papermaking and letterpress--you build up muscles because everything is heavy!! Next time we renovate, it will be in the WINTER!

Star De Luna Paper Artist

I just loaded our fall classes online. Yippee! Take a peek!

We are excited that Star DeLuna will be teaching pendant and cardmaking classes with us this fall. Star has been creating art locally for many years. She dabbles in many different art mediums from photography to handmade paper art. Star hand makes delicate and ornate paper art pendants that are absolutely amazing!! She creates highly detailed miniature scenes with owls, flowers and cupcakes, among other whimsical designs. Making greeting cards for all occasions is also one of her passions. Each creation has hand drawn and cut designs. An array of different textured papers and punches are used.

You can find her original HoshiPaperArt pendants for purchase at Conspire and at

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're Back!

Well hello there!

We didn't really go anywhere but as lots of you know, we've been renovating and reorganizing our space. It always takes way longer than you think it will. We are starting to put down the paint brushes and pick up the the type and pulp!

Mike and I thought it would be fun to do a poster and sent it out to the local folks. Whenever Mike and I work together, there is LOTS of negotiating and compromising!! :) Gary usually tries to steer clear of our collaborations but he helped print the last layer. We think it turned out fun. (we found that it is actually hard to print backwards on purpose!)

Next on my to do list is getting the fall classes online. Coming soon!!

Here's some photos!

Here's Mike in our newly painted and renovated type space. This area was previously used for storage with ginormous racking where the type cabinets are now.

I love this new-to-us, old wood type. So fun!
I love this old cut of this gal singer. I'm sure she's singing with joy that we are back!