Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rennovation photos

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have been renovating since May. We turned our former retail space into a gigantic classroom which we love! No worries, we still have our fabulous papers available for sale online. We moved a lot of product off site and boxed and organized everything else by number. It's not as visually interesting as when we had the paper racks but makes our lives 1000 times easier for pulling orders. We'll include more renovation shots in the next few posts.
We can easily seat 30-36 people for classes in our main classroom.
Note on the tables and chairs. Loading this amount of very heavy tables and 40 chairs during July and 110 degree weather was no picnic. I was absolutely drenched on both ends the loading at the pick up and unloading at the studio. I had to rent a humongous truck from Home Depot just to haul everything. One thing about papermaking and letterpress--you build up muscles because everything is heavy!! Next time we renovate, it will be in the WINTER!