Monday, July 09, 2007

Hesperaloe parviflora=Red yucca=Birthday Hat
Donna who makes paper for us brought in her birthday hat for our exhibition and it is so fabulous--it is made out of hesperaloe or red yucca. It is kind of a joke between Donna and me because we have a 150lb bale of hesperaloe sitting in the studio courtyard. We'll be making hesper paper till the cows come home!

Notice this hat has the pods still attached. At our house, the round-tail ground squirrels shinny up the plant and steal the pods to eat the seeds inside. Below are a couple of photos of the little guys caught in the act of stealing the pods. It is pretty humorous because they are always engineering some scheme to reach the pods on the end of the plant, The key is to hang on for dear life and still maintain their balance. The Birthday Hats Exhibition will be online soon!