Monday, February 25, 2008


Gary and I went to Port Townsend at the end of January for a weekend of PLAY. The event was hosted by the talented Teesha & Tracy Moore.
We've been so busy (note lack of posting!) that we were like yes, no, yes, no on whether we could go to the event. Finally it was YES and we got to get away for a few days. It was really cold there (compared to Phoenix) and we had to dig out hats and gloves from Chicago days. It was really great to spend a few days with a bunch of artists hanging out & making stuff. Here are some pics from our trip.
Here's Vynnie (who only brought sharpies) antagonizing us by calling us "Constructionists" because we don't journal--we make books!
Gary with a way cool book he made.
At the beach, gorgeous but cold!
I was fascinated with these!
One of the many black birds in the area.

The rainbow we saw on the way home from the Phoenix airport.