Monday, August 25, 2008

Top Chef in Phoenix

I'm not much of a fan of TV in generally--especially reality shows but there are 2 shows that I like: Project Runway and Top Chef. I love that they have to think on their feet and create the craziest things. We started watching Top Chef because it runs after the PR season concludes.

Top Chef is doing a nation-wide sweep and breezed into the Phoenix Downtown Market a few Saturdays ago. (Get out and support your local farmers markets!!)

There were thousands of people at the downtown market shopping and waiting to participate in the culinary event, hosted by Top Chef contestants Richard Blais and Betty Fraser.The duo presented cooking demonstrations featuring local ingredients from the farmer's market. We got to see our fave from last season--Richard. Cooking with liquid nitrogen and a blow torch--who could ask for more? It was fun hearing the scoop about how the show runs. Plus, they made a delicious food for us!