Friday, September 19, 2008

The Paper Studio in the September Issue of The Artist's Magazine

Okay, now back to art making!
We were thrilled to learn from one of our fellow artists - Danelle, that The Paper Studio is in the September 2008 issue of The Artist's Magazine. The Paper Studio was one of four artists/art spaces interviewed several months ago by Betsey Dillard Stroud about printmaking without a press. We are the "stomp" part of the article where you step on the inked up plate to make the print. When Danelle gave us her copy of the issue, we were tickled pink that several images of our samples were featured in the article!

The image on the front of the article are plates I made with lace and a dryer sheet--mostly for background texture.

The images featured below show a sampling of simple plates and prints. They even posted an online article with one of samples of "hammer printing" where you can make simple nature prints with out using ink and just a few bangs with a hammer. You can see this online technique at: we wouldn't trade our letterpresses for the world, inking up everyday objects and stepping on them has lots of potential! You'll see more examples of printing without a press when I get a chance to post the work that Lisa T and I just finished for the Chandler Center for the Arts "Power of the Press" exhibition. We used every press we could think of from letterpress, to heat press to printing without a press!