Friday, October 23, 2009

Wayzgoose - Oct 31, 2009!

The first annual Arizona Wayzgoose - a celebration of letterpress! We've been working like mad getting ready for this very fun event. Come and join us!

The term Wayzgoose originally referred to a late summer feast hosted by master printers for their apprentices. Since Oct 31st should be near the end of our Arizona summer (we hope!), we decided to have the first ever (that we know of) Arizona wayzgoose! The day will be chock full of fun!

If you have letterpress equipment that you would like to sell at the event from 11 am-1 pm, contact us so we can reserve a spot for you.

October 31, 2009--11 am - 4 pm
The Paper Studio 520 E. Southern Ave., Tempe

11 - 1--Letterpress Equipment Swap Meet--Chat with Letterpress Printers and buy some printing type & equipment!

11 - 1--Ginormous Letterpress Magnetic Poetry--we are making a huge magnetic poetry board with letterpress words--come join us!

12 - 2--Coaster Printing--we're inking up a couple of presses so you can see what it is like to print your own swanky and functional coaster!

1 - 2--Papermaking--we are always up to our elbows in pulp, now you too can experience wet pulp with without making a mess in your kitchen!

1 - 2--Envelope Making--experience one the most popular YouTube videos we ever made and make your own envelope with your very own hands!

1 - 2--Bookmark That--we are setting plates for a bookmark so that you will have the joy or printing it yourself as well as have fond memories of this event every time you are reading your favorite book!

2 - 4--Tee Shirt Printing--This isn't topless event so please be sure to wear a shirt and bring one on which to print. Make your own statement by printing your shirt with some wood type!

3.- 4--Pochoir on Letterpress--bet you wonder what that is. Well come, see and do this fabulous French technique! (ooh la,la, the intrigue!)