Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happiest of Valentines--letterpress, chocolates & books!

I love valentine's day because you are practically expected to eat chocolate!

Here's a sampling of letterpress valentines from our card class. So fun!

In the letterpress valentine class, some folks also did some tee shirt printing.

Yay Denise! Her shirt is for valentines, breast cancer and healthy hearts!

This is the other reason I love valentines day! The annual VNSA book sale. Over 600,000 used books on sale at the state fair grounds. This is an all volunteer effort and the money from the book sale goes to local charities.
So many books, not enough arms to carry them!

Every area has a sign for their book categories. This is my favorite sign at the books sale--not sure if you can read it: Book on terrorists, espionage, disasters & sneaky people!

We definitely did our part donating to charity as we left with a cartload of books.