Monday, October 11, 2010

LA Printer's Fair 2010

It was the 2nd annual LA Printers Fair at the International Printing Museum. It is one of our favorite events. Here are some pics all the fun!
Our booth--we mostly brought wood type to sell--clearing out those duplicates!

 I love the color of  the patina on this type!
 Poster Gothic got a new home!
  Our friend Paul had the busiest booth--here's a rare pic of him sitting down.
 Paul must have bought over 1000 letterpress cuts. His booth was swarming like a bee hive!
 Guys considering the ginormous Vandy.
 This was a riot. The guy drove up in this semi and sold both Heidelberg's and most everything else very quickly!
 Gary testing a sweet pearl press.
 We did not get the pearl even though it was super cute.
I printed on this civil war press they were demo'ing. What a behemoth for a portable press. Prints well though.
Nice little British Parlor Press in the Book Arts Institute.
Some pics of the finished goods vendors that were outside.
We brought the hot weather with us. Was the hottest day they had all summer thus far.
Lots of nice printing going on.
Some nice handmade paper leaves.

 Some photos inside the printing museum.

There are some nice photo streams at the Prinitng Museum site. Check it out!