Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vintage Letterpress Look

My pal Lisa and went thrift store rummaging a few weeks ago and we scored some fun vintage items with letterpress imagery on the covers.

 This is what letterpress can be like BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS!!! Oh so true..well sometimes a project can be a bit maddening.  Gosh I remember my dad playing this album when I was a kid. It has really great songs on it.
The backside is set in metal type. So fun!  I need to get a turntable because the album is pristine! I knew we shouldn't have sold ours 10 years ago at a garage sale. Isn't that always the way?  Look out when we find a turntable--we can sing our lungs out while printing!
The next item we found is a kid's spelling book with painted wood type one the cover. It's from the 70's and obviously before photoshop. So cool.