Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photos from the Type Truck Event

We were overseeing the printing on the Vandercook at ASU for the type truck event so we didn't get out and about enough to take many photos.
 Lots of AIGA members attended!
There were so many people in ASU's type shop, it was like Grand Central Station. The vandy kept printing all night!

We loved seeing everyone wearing our printers hats! Made printing and folding the hundreds of them all worth it.  So cool!

 Wish we could have had a chance to talk with Kyle more about her Type Truck Adventures but there was a line outside her truck the whole time!
 I think this is my favorite sign of all time "This is not a Taco Truck". My friend Lisa bought one and is putting in her kitchen!
I did sneak in to say "Hi" for a second and buy some of her prints.  
That gal has really been all over the country in the type truck! Amazing! Check out http://type-truck.com/