Saturday, October 27, 2007

Book Autopsies--Brian Dettmer

Everyone has been blogging about Brian Dettmer and his book autopsies over the past couple of weeks. His work is fabulous and I got a kick out of that he went to Columbia College Chicago (although not at the Book and Paper Center) but! none the less...

His work involves the alteration of preexisting books to transform their physical form and/or to selectively remove and reveal content to create amazing works of art. A significant and notable body of Dettmer's work is created by altering books without inserting or moving any of the books' contents. Dettmer seals, then slices and carves into older textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, medical guides, science books, engineering books, history books, comic books, and others, exposing select images and text to create intricate works that impart or reveal new or alternative interpretations of the book.

So inspiring! Scalpel please!