Wednesday, August 01, 2007

(hand-pulled prints from Barbara Burton's moth series)
I think you should meet some of our talented local artists. We feel really fortunate to have Barbara Burton teaching with us this fall. She is a print maker, bookbinder and painter. The first time I heard about Barbara was about 10+ years ago when a friend of mine and I ran out for lunch to see a group show at a nearby gallery. There was a great print with an equally interesting title: I Need a Good Mechanic that Barbara had done and my friend purchased. I kept crossing paths with Barbara in various art circles over the years which culminated in us having a 2-person show in few years ago. It was amusing how the gallery coordinator informed me about the show. She said that there was this other artist--Barbara Burton--and our art would really work well together. She asked me if I knew her--and of course I did and our show went off without a hitch. Her landscape paintings are now on exhibition at Tempe City Hall. You can see more of her work at her site Barbara will be teaching the solar plate etching workshop with us this fall. The images above incorporate the solar plate techniques.