Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Looks like oatmeal...tastes like paper! even feels like oatmeal...

This oatmeal looking goo is 100% recycled post consumer rag board turned into pulp.
We added cooked pine needles to the pulp to give it some texture and a slight brown color. Those pesky, brittle pine needles that fall all over your yard turn into to lovely thread-like fibers when you cook them for a few hours.
Donna and I are making recycled paper like manics this week for a large suite of invites for a nature organization. We need to get enough paper made for about 500 6" circles of this color then shift gears to make more pulp in green and the brown colors--enough paper for about 2000 more pieces this week. We definitely will be up to our elbows in pulp!