Friday, August 03, 2007

We feel really fortunate to have Teesha and Tracy Moore teaching at our studio in October. This is our third year for a fall Visual Journaling weekend (more about that later) Their work is absolutely terrific. I remember meeting them at a show in the 1990's. I really believe that they are the catalysts that got visual journaling into the mainstream and also the ones who started the trend in the weeklong art retreats. A friend of mine from Washington used to tell how much she loved going to this way cool alternative arts fest that they used to hold in Seattle years ago.

I remember finding their zine--the Studio at issue 8 (way before "zine" became a mainstream word). I was devastated when they stopped publishing it and was over the moon when they started Art and Life. They are so creative and amazingly prolific.
They also run an amazing art event called Artfest. Gary and I took a vacation in 2001 and went to Vancouver Canada for a few days then to Art Fest. It was one of the first years they held it Port Townsend. I was on creative juice overload. I just wanted to stay up all hours of the night and create things--after taking classes all day! Registration for the 2008 Artfest is going online on August 1st--I know several of our customers will be on their computers as the clock strikes midnight so they can see the cadre of fabulous workshops they will have to offer.

While Teesha's classes are full, there are still some spots in Tracy's classes for all of you bookbinders and journalers out there! See their website to learn more about them and get inspired!