Saturday, July 26, 2008

Esopus--go and get this today!

This magazine totally caught my attention at the bookstore the other day. Something about handwritten notes...but then I went crazy looking at this fabulous publication! Esopus is a NON-PROFIT (no advertising), twice-yearly arts magazine featuring a fresh perspectives on contemporary culture from a wide range of creative professionals. It includes artists’ projects, critical writing, fiction, poetry, visual essays, interviews, and, in each issue, a themed CD of new music. The different types of paper in the magazine are amazing and so unusual these days. You can even apply to have your work in the magazine!

I love this cover piece titled DAILY REMINDERS Letters by Robert Guest. Robert Guest has been getting up at dawn every school day for the past 15 years to write a note to each of his two children, Joanna and Theo. The issues profiles a sampling of the the thousands of lunch box notes.
This piece is beautiful and the paper it is printed on is translucent so it creates an interesting visual dialog. Business analyst—and former biology teacher—Doug McNamara combines form and function in his exquisite line drawings of invented organisms.

The ARTIST’S PROJECT: DULCE PINZÓN "The Real Story of the Superheroes" is terrific. Dulce Pinzón’s photographs pay homage to the unsung—and often unseen—Mexican immigrants in New York City. The fun just never ends in this magazine! The front inside cover had a fold-y thing and the back inside cover has a thematic music CD--this month it's Good News. I got a kick out of hearing all the selections.
You can learn more about Esopus at their website