Thursday, July 17, 2008

Marlon Perkins Here...

At the risk of sounding like Marlon Perkins of Wild Kingdom (a 70's show)I had to do one more post of stuff I've been seeing in our back yard. Half the time I see the creatures when I'm in the shower--our house has a large window in the the shower that over looks the back yard. (Thankfully it is at head level--lest the neighbors have some interesting visuals ;) I usually have to grab a towel and run to get my camera. These are some of the creatures we've seen lately.
This is a female red-tail hawk. I was trying to photograph her for months but I never seem to have my camera when she was here. I hadn't seen her in months. Once she was here with a male and he was HUGE. When she is in the yard, no other creatures are stirring or they would be lunch~

This made me laugh. I looked up and there was this little guy hanging out. The lizard that was sitting outside on the window sill of the shower. He's really small so I got our cat Emma (she loves lizards) in the next shot. You could see her gray paw and see how small the lizard is. Lots of baby lizards this time of year. We hope they stay out of the house--the kitties play way to rough with them.There are two pretty large lizards that tool around in the yard but I haven't been to photograph them...yet...stay tuned.

This guy was on the patio. It's a Palo Verde Beetle. (Yeech!) They are humongous--about the size of a Buick! To show scale, I carefully placed the dollar bill by the beetle (using grill tongs for fear the beetle might accidentally jump on me). Gary said he should have taken a picture of me doing that since I looked bit ridiculous using the grill tongs. But obviously--he didn't volunteer to put it by the beetle! We only see one of these beetles about one time per year and then it's gone.