Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh what a luau!

You would think we had one heck of a luau here with the hoards of pineapple tops we have drying out on our patio! The next papermaking project on deck for Donna and me is making pineapple paper. I tried to get Donna to festoon a pineapple top hat ~ala~ Carmen Miranda for a blog photo but she politely declined. We need to let them dry out before we let them rhet. Normally not a problem in AZ but this year we have been getting lots of rain from the monsoons.Hmmm...I just noticed all the pineapple tops are in boxes marked bell peppers! Regardless, we got heaps o' pineapple tops!

Pineapple tops make the most lovely golden and somewhat translucent paper. I can't wait!