Wednesday, September 02, 2009

LA Printer's Fair--International Printing Museum

The 1st Printer's Fair was held last weekend at the International Printing Museum. We'd never been there so we were not sure what to expect. Boy howdy, there was so much to look at we just couldn't take it all in. They house so much letterpress history, it makes your head spin!! The Museum did a great job of demos throughout the day.
Linotype machine in action. Such a behemoth of a machine!
They were actually printing a job on the Heidelberg Windmill. An absolutely amazing machine!
It is really wonderful that the museum exists to show letterpress printing throughout the years, provide educational seminars to schools as well as teach letterpress and book arts to the community. The museum is a non-profit organization mostly staffed with volunteers and the fair is one of their fund raisers. You can show your support for them and get their fun newsletter by joining the museum.