Wednesday, September 02, 2009

LA Printer's Fair--Letterpress Swapmeet

So now you've seen the facilities, here are pics of the letterpress swap meet held on Saturday. They printed a bazillion of these letterpress flags. So festive and fun!
Danger Will Robinson! I almost fainted on Friday when we arrived and I saw all the presses and other stuff for sale! I had to make myself focus on setting up--mostly I just wanted to wander around and drool over everything.
Now that is one ginormous nipping press for books! The one behind the lady above is also huge! Just think you could press all the books in you make in your lifetime in one fell swoop!
More and more stuff came for the sale on Saturday! People were on their cell phones calling their friends to get out of bed and get down here!
Why yes, that is a baby blue vandercook with a royal blue cover. Wonder if the former owner liked blue? It was sold pronto. So was the sans-blue vandy in front of it.
More blue, this time it's the tents for the vendors. There were lot o' vendors selling their wares. The downside of being a vendor is that it is so hard to have a chance to look at all the stuff and chat with other vendors when you are running your own booth. Gary and I took turns briefly buzzing around.
I met Marjorie at the event, I recognized her name from APA. She was delightful and had really cool cuts for sale. I'm kicking myself for not getting some of the type she was selling...
The work being sold at the event was really lovely!