Wednesday, September 02, 2009

LA Printer's Fair--Museum cont.

The previous post showed a small part of the equipment in the museum. There is another set of buildings across the parking lot that are connected with the museum. Here's their nice and bright bookbinding classroom. They just started a book arts institute where they now teach bookbinding classes. Yay!This is their letterpress teaching studio. Lots of type, but I had so little time to look since I was supposed to be setting up our booth. This is their portable printing museum. The first time I met Mark Barbour, the founder and director of the museum, was about 4 years ago when they came to AZ on their printers tour for the schools. My pal Colin worked them right out of grad school and they stopped by The Paper Studio. I was completely amazed the first time I saw this museum on wheels and and it still intrigues me today. Such a wonderful live history program for kids!
Wow, those are really, really heavy presses up there on the 2nd level! I thought moving presses and cabinets around our studio was exhausting. I cannot even imagine the work and coordination to get those presses up there!