Monday, December 03, 2007

I see London, I see France...

It rained for two days in AZ which is practically newsworthy. I can't remember the last time it rained for two days in a row--it had to be a year and half ago or so. With the rain brought really cool weather (probably the last weekend for sandals--well, it is December after all!) and all sorts of pesky mesquite leaf bits into the studio all weekend long so I spent 45 minutes vacuuming and mopping on Sunday trying to get rid off all the crap. See all that itsy bitsy stuff on the floor and rug? It's just maddening to pick up!

My artist pal Donna says you shouldn't use "fresh energy" to do such mundane tasks so I figured with half the day gone my energy was not super fresh so it was a better time to do the dreaded vacuuming task than put it off till Monday morning.

Vacuuming in our studio shop is a little tricky because it is easy to blow papers all over the place or accidentally suck up ribbons or do dads if you are not paying attention. As I was working away, I was noticing how everything looks so pretty, Christmas & winter holiday-ish. We have been just bombarded with all the holiday merchandise arriving lately.

And then I saw the Friday Panties letterpress cards sitting nonchalantly along the wall and I burst out laughing!

The cards had arrived other day when I was out of the studio and I completely forgot that I had ordered them. They just make me laugh. Gotta love those letterpress folks over at Yee Haw Industries. Nothing says the weekend like a an enormous pair of monogramed briefs.

You can see more of Yee Haw's cards on our site at: These cards in addition to their beautiful series of blue trees cards for the holidays.