Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lisa Kokin's Coming Our Way!

We are exciting to announce that Lisa Kokin will be coming to teach a weekend workshop with us the weekend of March 8 & 9th at The Paper Studio! She'll be doing two one-day workshops--Photocycle Diaries and The Open Book. Here are some samples of Lisa's work--she is really an amazing artist and instructor. Gary and I went out to Oakland this summer and spent the day with her and Lea at one of her workshops and were really impressed to see the creative juices flowing! While we have been book and paper artists for years, Gary and I hardly ever work with the existing book form--we usually make our own books from scratch so it was great to have a day to play in an area that we don't normally work in. Cliche as it sounds, getting outside your comfort zone is where the new ideas start to percolate--we found it to be true, true, true! Here is some of Lisa's imagery from her work to give you a peek at her style. Visit her site at to have a more comprehensive look!

Here's Lisa at her studio with her newer work. My photo doesn't do them justice because I didn't didn't shoot any closeups. Her books transform into these amazingly organic looking "beings" or stuctures--so organic looking and feeling like they might have come from the bottom of the sea.