Friday, December 21, 2007

Obsessed with paper dresses and paper sculpture

I think I was a fashion designer in a previous life because goodness knows I cannot sew anything wearable in this current life! The only show on TV that I have to watch is Project Runway--maybe that would change if they would have a paper reality show ;). Fabric and paper are so similar--textures, colors & patterns.

Once I saw all the buzz about those paper dresses, I thought about the class paper sculpture class Bett York taught at the beginning of the month. The way cool thing about Bett's class was that she had everyone bring in photos or drawings of what they wanted to make into paper sculptures--and she showed them how to turn the concepts into reality! Here are some photos from her class. Can't you just see some of these pieces evolving into the most amazing paper sculptures and paper dresses? Yes, Yes, Yes!! (Somewhere down the road, I'll do more extensive posts on paper clothing--I've collected a bunch o' stuff on that and need to dig it all out!)

I love these organic shapes!

Bett and some of the paper cutting proteges in action!