Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pulp Fiction--Fuller Craft Museum

The Pulp Function show at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton Massachusetts has gotten great reviews, including one in the current issue of American Craft magazine. The show is ending on January 6, 2008 so if you are in the MA area, get out and see it.

I just ordered the exhibition catalogue because there are tons of really good artists in the show and I want to do a more comprehensive post down the road. A couple of people I went to grad school with are in the show--my super talented professor friend, Kerri Cushman and fellow artist Aimee Lee--congrats to both of you! Aimee Lee's piece is pictured in the American Craft photo spread. It's the paper brick wall on the far left. Go Aimee!

I was finishing the grad program the year Aimee was starting so I didn't get to know her well but I'll tell you the work that I've see this gal produce has been amazing! She is one hard working artist. I loved reading her documentation when she was building the brick piece for her thesis performance. I'm contacting her for a more indepth post about her work. So stay tuned!