Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Video Demos Added!

Contemporary LuminariesWe've added a couple of new video demos. You must watch the one on contemporary luminaries. Gary is doing this one! He's great and his video goes into nice detail on how to make the luminaries with beautiful handmade decorative paper. We are using tap lights--the kind that go in your closet--two of them in a pack at home depot for under 10 bucks. I was inspired to use the tap lights because I had a bunch left over from grad school from a lighting prototype and I'm really bad with fire. This is a person who accidentally set the front lawn & evergreen bushes on fire when trying to surprise her mom by grilling dinner when she was 13 (who knew you weren't supposed to pour gas right out of the can onto the charcoal?) and who singed off her eyebrows the first time she used a gas grill in her 20's. So needless to say, I avoid flames at all opportunities.

We also wanted to look at a way to do simple functional lighting that would add ambiance to your space. Imagine how beautiful it would be to see three of these luminaries as lighting on your table or mantle? Think how lovely these would be for a Valentine's Day or wedding setting. Ohh la la!

We designed this project for a segment for Channel 3 TV Everyday Entertaining that aired on December 21. You can see the condensed version of the luminaries demo with Cindy and Suzanne that aired as well. Looks a little different with fancy editing!

Making Ornaments with Paper Strips

The 2nd video we uploaded is Making Ornaments with Paper Strips. We do lots of different projects at the studio and we always have tons of left over long strips that seem to good to throw away. A lot of time we can re-pulp them into new paper but if they are really stiff or metallic that doesn't work too well. When I saw these projects and how they used strips of paper I was elated! Now both of these projects have been all over the planet this year in blogs, magazines and more.

I used to make these ornaments when I was a kid in 4-H club using construction paper. I must say the moms who led our 4-H classes in our town were pretty good a keeping a bunch of kids busy during the holidays! The problem with construction paper is that it is, well sort of yukky--it fades and it doesn't have the strength of card stock. Now that card stock comes in all the colors and designs you can imagine, it's pretty limitless. Plus, these ornaments can translate to decorations for weddings, showers, parties and other holidays depending on the papers you select. Make them in mass quantity to create impact!

As we said, we didn't invent them but we like them and think you need to see them so you will recycle your strips of paper into fun ornaments. These are projects you can do with your kids, family and friends. Recycling, easy, quick, simple and instant gratification. What more could you ask for?

You can also see the condensed & edited version on Channel 3 TV with Suzanne Bissett's Everyday Entertaining.