Monday, September 10, 2007

Binge Blogging & The Paper Studio Gals

I always think of lots of things to blog about but I typically run out of hours in the day to get everything done--if I only have 4-6 more hours in the day! So I've decided I'm a binge blogger--ie., someone to blog heavily or excessively over certain periods of time (like when I have some time to actually sit down and write!)

I posted on The Paper Studio Guys that keep things humming at the studio, so now here's the post on the gals at the studio keeps things hopping!

Kesley's favorite work days is when the new products arrive! She is so funny--like a kid at Christmas! She is the one you'll see floating effortlessly around the shop--she gets all that grace from being a dancer. Aside from helping us out, Kelsey is the Assistant Director of Gravity Jazz Dance Theater--a professional AZ dance company, a dance instructor at a local studio, a college student and last but not least--she was the flower girl in our (Gary and my) wedding--but that was a loooooooong time ago!

Anne is probably one of the first person you will probably see or talk to when you contact The Paper Studio. Anne has a passion for paper, an eye for detail and has exquisite organizing talents. Anne and I have known each other for a bazillion years and most likely she rues the day when she told me to call if I needed any help on projects just as I finished grad school. I took her up on the offer and the next thing she knew, we were furiously creating 200 handmade paper pieces with a wax resist (which involved ironing the wax out of the 200 pieces!) and driving through Tempe like manics to make it to Fed Ex before the 6:00 pm closing to get the project in the mail. That was in 2004 and we haven't slowed down yet!

Donna is our amazing paper maker--a godsend really, Paper Thursday--Donna. Not only is Donna an accomplished papermaker and bookbinder, she is also a ceramic artist who helps coordinate the empty bowls project in Phoenix and for years has assisted in coordinating the VNSA booksale. You should see the ginormous 2-ton reader's digest chair she made--it had to be moved on a semi-truck! Donna never ceases to amaze us with her never-ending interest and enthusiasm for papermaking. You couldn't ask for a better papermaking partner!
EmmaMoo is MattiMatterson's sister even though they are completely different colors and sizes. She comes to work with me a couple times a week as well. She complains a lot during the drive over (backseat driver!) Some of you have seen her pop out in the shop but she always scurries to letterpress area if approached. She is a little more brave than her brother but they are both pretty shy. Mostly she sleeps in my desk chair at the studio so I get to sit in a spindly folding chair when she's there.

Here's me (making a book)--the binge blogger, traffic coordinator et al at The Paper Studio.