Monday, September 10, 2007

The Gorey Details Exhibition in Somerset Magazine

Okay, if you are in our area, this is your last week to see our current exhibition at The Paper Studio entitled "The Gorey Details". This twisted yet humorous collage exhibit inspired by Edward Gorey's The Gashlycrumb Tinies™ features the clever wicked rhymes and artworks of 26 artists from the United States, Canada, France, and Germany. Gorey's illustrated and sometimes wordless books had a vaguely ominous air and ostensibly Victorian and Edwardian settings, have long had a huge following. Gorey's work is difficult to classify. He was typically described as an illustrator, but this isn't the full story. His combination of words and pictures has led some to classify him as having been a cartoonist, while others regard him primarily as a writer who drew, or an artist who wrote. Come and see the 26 letters of the alphabet in this Gorey inspired show!

If you don't get a chance to catch the show in person, you can see the 5-page spread about the exhibition in Somerset Studio Magazine's Sept/Oct 2007 edition. They did a nice interview with Sylvia Luna who came up with the idea to get 26 artists to do a Gorey inspired piece. The exhibition will continue to travel to different venues when it leaves The Paper Studio on Sept 15th.