Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Complex Beauty of Japanese Papers

Japanese papers are so exquisite and we are adding new styles every week. You can check out our ever expanding Japanese paper section! I love the way Japanese papers look, feel and cooperate when making books, boxes and invites. But I find it totally mind boggling that it takes six silkscreen runs to print the designs on a sheet of paper. SIX--can you believe it??? SIX print runs and perfect registration to boot! (Now, we no longer have room to grouse when we have to do three colors in letterpress or silk screening!).

The red flowers are the first print run on a light off-white mulberry base.

The 2nd run is adding pink flowers and pink dots.

The third run is adding the grey branches and dots.

The 4th run is adding ochre colors dots.

The 5th print run is adding the beige background color. Now this surprised me. I thought that layer would have been an earlier color run. The sheet no longer feels like the raw mulberry on the top surface--it is fully filled in by the silkscreen inks.

The 6th and final layer is the delicate metallic gold accents that encircles the dots and flowers and runs along the grey branches. It really does give you a whole new appreciation of the beauty and complexity of these papers!