Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wanna Go To Italy and Make Art?

Our very talented artist/professor friends, Carol Panaro Smith and Jim Hajicek along with 3 other artists are taking their 2nd trip to Italy in June 2008 for nine days of art making!

Art Intersection is series of workshops in northern Tuscany that will cover multi-disciplines of bookmaking, photography, writing, drawing, performance and even yoga.
2008 Workshop Dates are June 4 - 13. Each day will consist of an intersection of interdisciplinary arts: yoga, drawing, poetry, photography, bookmaking, performance, and writing.
Gary and I stopped over to their studio--Alchemy Studios on Sunday where they were showing slides of the trip, talking about the workshops and sampling bruschetta.
I was delirious just seeing the images of the region. So beautiful and no tourists! They stay in the most beautiful countryside towns--one area that has no commerce (although there are nearby towns).

What would that be like to have no cellphones, no interruptions, gorgeous surroundings, fabulous food and the luxury of time to contemplate and make art for 9 days?
I just want to go there and wander around for days and days inhaling and touching everything from the beautiful stone buildings, lush meadows and freshly picked cherries from the nearby orchard.

It really looks like an experience of a lifetime...hmmmm....9 months to figure out how to leave a very demanding paper studio for 9+ days...think, think, think...